MoTIS® AI Artificial intelligence

Real time optimization

The use of artificial intelligence in the logistics and manufacturing industry is opening up more and more opportunities for restructuring and optimization in real time as systems become better and faster.

InnoLOG, as a leading developer of artificial logistics intelligence, focuses on autonomous analysis and solutions of complex logistics problems. MoTIS® AI is not a stand-alone product, but an integral part of all MoTIS® application modules, which means that every application area can benefit from artificial intelligence.

MoTIS® as a competent collaborator

MoTIS® can be used to support the user or work independently. Data, which is collected for all processes by powerful services, is evaluated and analyzed.

Optimization measures and suggestions are available within seconds, which bring your business forward on the basis of the specially designed data situation.

Application areas of MoTIS® AI

  • Work preparation
  • Scheduling and coordination of orders
  • Route planning
  • Warehouse organization
  • Purchase planning
  • Resource management
  • Detailed and rough production planning
  • Data evaluation
  • Visualization

Collecting data means collecting knowledge

MoTIS® collects data on movements and processes in the entire system. Based on an analysis of this data, MoTIS® recognizes which parameterization leads to which results, evaluates them and can point out potential for improvement or implement them independently. For example, picking orders can be formed and released automatically in work preparation, taking into account current and historical factors such as warehouse utilization, stock levels, current demand, historical demand (Christmas business, peak season, etc.).

Your advantages

  • Data acquisition with full automation
  • Full control over own data
  • Customized process improvement through own data
  • Minimized workload for data evaluation
  • Complete functional reliability
  • Fast, future-proof methodology
  • Flexible, fast optimization options