Project Management

The realization of complex logistics projects is a demanding task. Often, the time windows are very tight and the planned logistics service is needed as quickly as possible. However, with the number of different trades and construction phases, the coordination effort also increases noticeably. Therefore, it is good to be able to rely on experienced professionals for the execution of such projects. InnoLOG® supports its customers from initial planning to realization to operation of the plants and long-term support


After planning a logistics concept, the "hot phase" begins. Now it is necessary to bring all trades under one hat, to realize the project in a correct time frame and to keep a constant eye on the project progress. This requires various steps, in which InnoLOG® stands by your side as a competent partner and actively supports you:


  • Definition of the content and scope of the trades
  • Definition of sub-operations
  • Determination of the operation sequences
  • Estimation of operation durations (rough time plan)
  • Risk management
  • Development of the schedule (detailed planning)
  • Compilation of the project plan, documentation and other documents
  • User training and instructions 

Acceptance and support

However, even after the project has been completed, InnoLOG® is always on hand to provide advice and support when it comes to commissioning the plant, operating it efficiently, or making further improvements to detailed processes. In addition to acceptance and handover to our customers, great importance is therefore attached to careful and comprehensive employee training as well as full support. This applies during the start-up phase of the plant as well as in the later ongoing operation. During the start-up phase, it is important that our customers can rely on expert support so that they can devote themselves fully to the new processes and procedures.