MoTIS® The perfect solution for medium-sized businesses

Intelligent, modular control software for all intralogistics processes

Goods Receipt Processing

The task of MoTIS at the goods receipt is the recording and matching of the orders. It automatically assigns the goods to the free storage bins or quality control, creates labels for the loading aids and also labels the articles if required.

Order processing

During order processing, MoTIS assigns orders according to the order type, such as normal or express order, determines the most effective picking route, or automatically triggers the required replenishment order if necessary.


Picking is usually carried out online without vouchers using Android or web-based mobile data capture devices. The demands are particularly high in this work step: the data, such as the display of the goods, where these goods are located, the withdrawal quantity, etc., are optimally processed in real time with the shortest route. It is ensured that several pickers cannot access the same goods.


The task of the warehouse management system during shipping is to record the goods issue and update the inventory data. This data is transmitted to the existing ERP system, which can then create a corresponding invoice regarding the goods actually shipped.  In addition, MoTIS can make suggestions regarding packaging, packing order or carton size. The data can be immediately transmitted to the parcel service provider or the forwarding agent.


Another task of a warehouse management system is the evaluation of the inventory quantity. The great benefit: Inventory can be taken in real time and permanently by the WMS. Shortages can thus be detected automatically and replenished particularly quickly.
Inventory on key date, article-related inventory, inventory sampling, zero bin inventory can also be carried out. Never again closed for inventory!

Advantages of MoTIS

The advantages lie in the fast processing of warehouse requests and warehouse resources in real time. Errors within the material flow are significantly reduced, thus improving warehouse logistics and the entire supply chain management. Since it controls all processes automatically and takes over many tasks, MoTIS pays for itself very quickly. It also increases process reliability and enables optimal use of all warehouse resources. The permanent process and inventory monitoring ensures continuous traceability. In addition, the software supports decision-making in the warehouse. These are advantages for the user that not only increase productivity in the warehouse, in manufacturing and distribution, but also lead to decisive competitive factors.

Motis software for all operational levels

MoTIS® is a modern, highly efficient and scalable software and independent of hardware or operating system. MoTIS® consists of proven standard modules that can be used advantageously individually or in combination for all logistic processes of a company.

Costs under control

MoTIS® is easy and intuitive to use. MoTIS® systematically brings together all data in a comprehensive system and becomes an indispensable tool for planning, production and distribution with which users can work more efficiently.

In short: MoTIS® increases productivity


Warehouse Management WMS, Client Management, Inventory, Inventory Optimization, Site Networking, Batch Tracking


Production control, Process planning & control (MES), robots, machine control stations, visualization


Distribution Center RFID/barcode, picking systems, automated picking systems, pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, batch, multi-order picking, consolidation, fulfillment, value-added services, cross docking, shipping, CEP services, least-cost routing, tracking


Radio guidance system FLS Industrial trucks, forklifts, order picking vehicles, lift trucks, automated guided vehicles (AGVs)


Material flow control MFC Conveyor technology, traversing devices, stacker cranes (RBG/RFZ), gantry robots, visualization


Automatic high bay racking systems HRL, AS/RS, shuttle systems, mobile racking systems

Automatic small parts warehouses AKL, paternoster, tray systems

Complete solutions for production, storage and distribution

Logistic production chains Supply chain management (SCM)

Production data acquisition (PDA)