MoTIS® FLS Radio guided system

Android or web based

With MoTIS® FLS, any driving & picking orders are transmitted via radio to a mobile radio handheld terminal or forklift terminal, optionally with Internet browser or Android terminal (with MoTIS APP), and processed there with barcode scanner and touch screen. The system is perfectly suited for fast and effective pallet transports, stock transfers, refills, order picking and inventories. MoTIS® FLS performs sample inventories, key date inventories, article inventories and also permanent inventories.

Efficiently controls all types of transportation and vehicles

MoTIS® FLS can be installed on every vehicle. The field of application ranges from normal forklifts or order picking trolleys to floor conveyor vehicles and storage and retrieval machines to gantry cranes. A flexible means of transport management enables the user to freely configure all vehicle parameters and to easily integrate new means of transport. Integrated scanners for RFID/barcode, scales and label printers turn every vehicle into a fully-fledged workstation.

Safety and performance in your processes

Multi-stage transports are distributed transparently across the different vehicle types and optimally controlled in a performance-optimized manner. In case of breakdown, maintenance or congestion of means of transport, the dynamic transport strategies distribute all running orders to the currently available vehicles as fast as lightning and automatically. MoTIS® FLS considers priorities, waiting times and route optimizations when processing the orders. This ensures that all transport capacities are always used optimally. 

MoTIS® FLS can work with order lists or also completely paperless. Barcode, RFID, voice or light systems support the user in the identification of goods and storage locations. During picking, batches and serial numbers can optionally be recorded manually.

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Your advantages

  • Paperless and continuous transport of goods
  • Secured and controlled material flow
  • Optimization of transport capacities
  • Reduction of empty runs and idle times
  • No "misplacing" of goods
  • No time-consuming "searching
  • Priority control in case of bottlenecks
  • Performance data / utilization statistics
  • Fast training
  • Simple operation
  • Manufacturer and hardware independen

Performance overview

  • Paperless transport of goods
  • Paperless picking
  • Inventory support
  • Secured flow of all goods movements
  • Multi-level transports
  • Route optimization
  • Optimal use of means of transport
  • Priority control
  • Traceability
  • Utilization statistics
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Terminal emulation / Mobile PC
  • Touchscreen / Keyboard
  • Protection classes IP54 / IP64 / IP65
  • Barcode / RFID support
  • Mobile i-Point (scale, labels