MoTIS® MFC Material flow computer

MoTIS® MFR is a powerful and scalable material flow computer

MoTIS® MFR can be used both as an integral part of a MoTIS® system and, according to the individual requirements, as an autonomous material flow system (stand-alone / DKR). MoTIS® MFR provides extensive functions for optimized control, system monitoring, visualization, history and fault logging and statistical evaluation.MoTIS® MFR controls and tracks all goods movements online via modern identification technologies such as barcode and RFID. All movements are logged to obtain meaningful statistics on product tracking, plant performance, plant utilization and malfunctions.

The MoTIS® MFR is predestined to link manufacturing with logistics

If the MoTIS® MFR is integrated as a modular component into a MoTIS® system, automation, warehouse management, production and distribution merge into a perfectly coordinated unit. Corrective bookings, e.g. due to malfunctions, can be carried out comfortably in one system and have an automatic effect on all operational levels. Downtimes due to operating errors are completely eliminated by using the clear visualization.

MoTIS® MFR organizes and structures the transport of all goods

Fast online interfaces to subordinate systems allow route and time optimization to be carried out in real time in order to make the best possible use of available resources. Goods transports can be carried out flexibly via fully automatic conveyor systems, via stacker cranes or radio-controlled forklifts, depending on availability. MoTIS® MFR can be directly coupled with machines in the production process via interfaces. Thus, raw materials can be automatically fed into the running production process and semi-finished and finished products can be fully automatically transported away by MoTIS® MFR.

If MoTIS® MFR is used in connection with MoTIS® PS production control, the entire production can be controlled, monitored and optimized via a homogeneous system. In combination with MoTIS® LSV warehouse control and management as well as MoTIS® DC Distribution Center, MoTIS® MFR easily takes over all complex tasks of modern logistics centers.

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Your advantages

  • Seamless material tracking
  • Seamless integration into a MoTIS® system (option)
  • Route and resource optimization
  • Integrated visualization
  • Acquisition of
  • malfunctions and status
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Product safety through barcode and RFID
  • Fault elimination and correction bookings
  • in one system
  • Interfaces to all
  • transport and conveyor technology components
  • Interfaces to higher-level systems (ERP, WMS,MES)

MoTIS® MFC controls

  • Carton conveyor technology
  • Pallet conveyor technology
  • storage and retrieval machines, RBG, AKL
  • Satellite and shuttle warehouses
  • Barcode/RFID scanner networks
  • Fully automatic labelers
  • Production machines (saws, presses, etc.)
  • Gantries (suction, gripping, storage)
  • Robots
  • Pick-By-Light, Pick-By-Voice, Drop-By-Light
  • Weighing systems

MoTIS® MFC interfaces

  • Integration in MoTIS
  • PLC (S5, S7)
  • Direct digital inputs/outputs
  • Profi-bus
  • ERP systems, e.g. SAP, Dynamics, etc.
  • TCP/IP socket
  • RFC1006
  • IDOCs, RFC
  • DK3964/RK512
  • H1 bus
  • Serial protocols
  • Remote maintenance via dial-up or VPN