Customizing Individuelle Intralogistiksoftware

Custom programming

Our standard systems can be individually adapted to your specific requirements.
Based on our proven supply chain management system MoTIS® we develop your very individual solution for production and distribution.

Requirements specification

On the basis of a tender or a specification sheet, InnoLOG develops a specification sheet in close cooperation with the customer. In this document, all intralogistics processes, all processes on the IT level, as well as every configuration and parameterization are recorded in writing. InnoLOG thus generates a guide for programming the system that is perfectly tailored to your intralogistics requirements.


From the proven standard modules of MoTIS, InnoLOG compiles the suitable basis to map the target system as precisely as possible. For this purpose, a multitude of different modules is available, which take over different tasks and work together. All modules are part of a single software, so that no additional effort in operation arises for users, regardless of the number of modules used.


The third step is the actual customizing. All required functionalities that deviate from the standard are adapted in the standard modules according to the specifications created. Every single function, every button, every window can be completely customized by InnoLOG, there are no limits to programming.

For functionalities that cannot be derived from any of the standard modules, new, completely individual modules are created in order to be able to serve all intralogistics tasks in the respective project on the software side.

Your advantages

  • Scalable
  • Standard components ensure high operational reliability
  • Fast commissioning
  • High transparency
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Short training periods
  • Easy to expand
  • Revision-capable
  • Upgrade to a higher system release is possible at any time