Planning and conception

InnoLOG® supports you in planning and designing your logistics system

Through a targeted analysis of the current state, InnoLOG develops concepts for improving intralogistics processes. We examine your current article, turnover and company structure. We check the stringency of the processes and highlight the bottlenecks.

Consistent logistics is the basis for the development of your company. Therefore, future, plans and visions have to be included. Future forecasts are incorporated into concepts in order to ensure not only a direct increase in efficiency but also a high degree of future security.

Rough concepts, feasibility studies and detailed concepts

Based on the data collected in this way, we develop an optimal solution for you. In close cooperation with your employees, a customized logistics concept is created.


The finished detailed concept is transferred into a specification that can be put out to tender and serves as a basis for comparing offers. If desired, InnoLOG® can also support you with advice and assistance during the tendering process, subsequent evaluation of the offers and selection of suppliers.


Finally, InnoLOG® also accompanies you during the realization and commissioning phase