Good service & support

As a supplier and service partner for complete logistics systems, we are the first choice as a contact for any kind of malfunction.
And that's a good thing, because our programs control complicated processes and visualize complex material flows. Therefore, all malfunctions are systematically recorded and displayed in our systems in real time, even if the causes lie outside our scope of delivery.
With our hotline, we have placed the focus on competent specialist personnel who have a particularly trained view of the entire plant. This means that our hotline can also provide advice and assistance in the coordination and elimination of complex plant malfunctions.  


Together with the customer, first-level support circles the problem professionally and determines the appropriate contact person.

First-level support establishes a targeted link to technical support and independently deals with all warranty and guarantee issues.


The specialists from our service team have various methods at their disposal for rapid and efficient troubleshooting:

  • On-site operator instruction by telephone
  • Remote maintenance and support via ISDN, DSL or VPN
  • On-site replacement of components and systems by qualified specialists
  • On-site repair including installation of spare parts and commissioning by InnoLOG® technicians

Support contract

The basis for optimal and targeted support is the corresponding maintenance contract, with which targeted project documentation takes place. All customer data and plant parameters are stored there so that they are immediately available in the event of a support call. These documents are always up to date and contain emergency copies, machine parameters and important configurations, which can be imported directly back into the plants online and via remote maintenance if required.