MoTIS® LSV Stock control and management

Your warehouse fully under control

MoTIS® LSV is the central module for a modern future-oriented warehouse control and warehouse management. From goods receipt to an optimized storage, a secured and controlled goods transport and an efficiently controlled goods issue, all processes occurring in a modern logistics system are mapped. The combination of stability and functionality of an established standard system, adapted to the individual requirements of a company, guarantees an optimal solution.

More performance and safety in your warehouse

The transports can be handled via fully automatic conveyor technology, route-optimizing forklift/radio guidance system (MoTIS® FLS) or by means of optimized goods accompanying slips. The entire goods movements are controlled by barcode technology or RFID, seamlessly monitored and logged. MoTIS® LSV can be used alone or in combination with other modules like MoTIS® DC Distribution Center or MoTIS® PS Production Control.

Optimizes your warehouse for the future

It represents the optimal warehouse control and management for all warehouse types. Raw material, production, distribution and shipping warehouses can be optimally managed with MoTIS® LSV. From goods receipt starting with the receipt of pallets and storage aids, batch tracking and blocking identification, weight control, the handling of returns up to the optimal storage location determination.

Manages all warehouse structures

From simple shelf racks up to complex, space-optimized and fully automatic high rack systems, it independently optimizes the storage capacities. For this purpose, it provides the user with extensive and parameterizable storage strategies.MoTIS® LSV supports the most different forms of picking and goods issue. From the simple work with pick lists, over the use of batch hand-helds and radio guidance systems on forklifts and hand trucks up to fully automatic systems according to the goods-to-man or man-to-goods principle, all procedures are supported.

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[Translate to English:] Lagersteuerung und Verwaltung

Your advantages

  • Reduction of storage volume and storage costs
  • Increased throughput and quality
  • Transparent and controlled movement of goods
  • Integration of barcode and RFID technologies
  • Permanent, random and key date inventory
  • Tracking of batches and serial numbers
  • Easy to parameterize by the user
  • Intuitive, simple and effective user guidance
  • Optimal entry due to scalability