What is the benefit of automation?

Many processes would be unimaginable today without machines and robots. Automatic conveyors are finding their way into more and more areas and are becoming increasingly important factors in the choice of location and dimensioning of a company.

Objective analysis

As an independent system house, InnoLOG® has made it its business to place the user process completely in the foreground and, after a well-founded and individual analysis, to critically and neutrally compare the advantages and disadvantages of various automation concepts. This also includes a comparison with conventional and manual concepts.
In short, an answer to the question: What are the advantages of automation?


InnoLOG® then discusses the precise requirement together with its customers and filters the selection of suppliers from an independent and objective perspective. This expert advice protects our customers from acquiring oversized equipment while still expertly securing all options for long-term business planning.

Multilevel concepts

InnoLOG®'s experience also comes into play when designing multi-stage automation concepts. Here, it pays to consider a comprehensive selection of different solution approaches, so that medium-term and long-term considerations can also be incorporated into the choice of solution approaches.

Usage example: High-bay warehouse

If the analysis of current turnover figures and short-term forecasts shows, for example, that a high-bay warehouse can currently (still) be operated economically and efficiently with manual forklifts, this warehouse can nevertheless be designed from the outset for later automation. In this way, automation can be implemented at any later point in time without great effort if expected turnover figures should change significantly. Our customers are therefore well equipped and prepared for all future eventualities despite the low investment.

InnoLOG® takes care of all decisive preliminary considerations in advance and provides the basic prerequisites for later automation. This includes the planning of foundation and floor loads, racks and forklifts, and future fire and personal protection requirements. InnoLOG® supports its customers in such processes competently and sustainably from the very beginning and accompanies them step by step along the way.

Your advantages

  • Objective needs analysis
  • Functional solution approaches
  • Creation of medium-term and long-term automation concepts
  • Step-by-step and cost-effective entry into automation
  • Comparison of different variants and systems
  • Neutral preselection
  • Tendering and individual support
  • Objective comparison of offers
  • Project management and support
  • Implementation of multi-stage processes
  • Short-, medium- and long-term conceptual support